Friday, December 7, 2012

A look into the future!

Okay so the first symbol is for wanting to become a Vet. The cookies, well I want to be 'that' mom who  bakes cookies for her kids after school.  Oh, and of course I am going to UNL for college next fall! :)

What is my Purpose?

What is my purpose? Am I supposed to know this at this time?  I mean I am just a senior in high school. Do I really need to have my life all figured out? The way I see it I still have a good sixty years in me to do what I want to do. So why decide now? I understand that it is a common question to be asked to any senior, and I must add that I have gone above and beyond the call to answer the questions about my future.
            I am planning to head off to Lincoln, Nebraska this next fall to find my calling. This decision was tough with the possibility of colleges filling an endless list. As of August this fall I was still determined to go out of state to a college that seemed perfect for me! That place was Iowa State University. I had researched their programs and fell in love with the campus when I visited. A later visit to UNL this fall won me over though. Not to mention the large price difference. So there after all of those words you now know where I am going to college, but still what is my purpose. As of now I am planning to major in Animal Science with a pre-vet option. I have wanted to be a veterinarian for years now and I can only hope that I will be able to fulfill my dreams and live my purpose: to help animals and their owners.
            Besides my career my purpose goes much further in depth. After college I want to have a family. I want to be ‘that’ mom that everyone loves. I want to be the kind of mom who bakes cookies for her children and greets them with a hug and a smile as they come home from a long day of school. Oh and I think a husband would be a nice part of this plan. I mean if I left that part out my friends and family might start to wonder. So yes it is my purpose to find someone out there who completes me. I realize this may be stretching it as I wish to fulfill my career plans as well, but I want to strive for perfection. The scenario I just described is certainly as close to perfect as I think I can get.
            Then again is my purpose completely different from what I have been describing? Shouldn’t I be describing how I should be a better person? I mean I understand the importance of having good moral values and treating everyone I meet with respect. That has always been a given to me, so does that mean it is still part of my purpose? I have always planned to help others and not just think about myself. So yes, maybe it is part of my purpose!
            And then there is God’s purpose for me. I’m not sure what he is calling me to do yet, but I am sure I will figure that out along the way. It is not for me to know now, but for me to find for myself. I know that whatever I am called to do will be the right thing!

            As I am writing this and asking my peers for their opinions I have found one thing repeatedly said to me. That one thing: “You will find a way to not break your leg anymore!” Yeah thanks guys. You are all so supportive! I have also heard the response: “ You will create an awesome bionic leg someday!” Yes I hope I do some day, but I am not planning to go into the human medical field, unfortunately. I mean I have broken my leg going on five times, but is that any reason to make these comments? Okay so I guess I can understand the comments. Maybe I should just accept the fact that everyone knows me as the cripple. So going back to everyone else’s comments, maybe I could create a bionic leg for a horse or a cow. That would be sweet! While I am at it I should create a robotic everything for animals. Pet owners everywhere would purchase one of these creations to aid their helpless animal. Wow I am so creative! I think I might make a couple million dollars off of this. This is definitely my calling.
            So lets recap. I am going to go to college at UNL next year to major in animal science with a pre-vet option. Then after I pursue my career I want to find someone to share my life with and eventually have children. So after my career and family are booming I will venture off to create bionics for animals. Okay so the last part probably won’t happen, but in theory it could be my purpose!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nebraska: The Good Life

The endless corn fields cover the landscape of Nebraska. The Husker "N" is unavoidable as you stroll through any area of the state during a husker game day.

Aurora, Nebraska

The water tower is a given. It stands for Aurora with the neat wording wrapped around its spherical top. The Leadership Center is big part of Aurora between holding meetings for local businesses and hosting the Aurora After-Prom party it is essential to the community.

The Place I Call School

The husky represents our school mascot while the FFA painting represents the presence of FFA in my school activities.

Home is Where the Heart is

This is my home. The red brick is familiar and has been part of my life since I can remember. The windmill is a symbol that I have used to describe my home for nearly ten years. Its towering length casts shadows out over our yard.

Where am I?

Where am I?
I am everywhere at once and then at one place for quite some time. I am at school. Aurora Public Schools to be exact. I roam the halls as I find my way from class to class.  Going on four years in this high school I find myself accustom to the long tiled hallways that venture to different sections of the school ranging from the science rooms, English department, mathematics, and Ag sections. Each one of these places I have found myself spending much time in as I have endured the life of a high school student.
This year a new place has emerged to take over a lengthy amount of my time: the guidance office.  Between my online medical terminology class that finds its home there and the pressures of college, the guidance office has become a place of comfort and familiarity. As an underclassman the guidance office was too scary and must I add over-rated to visit. Now it is the place that you wish you could spend more time.  
Then there is the Ag department. This has been my home since I was a freshman. It is the place that just seems natural for me to be. I can walk in the rooms to find a quiet place to work or a place roaring with activity. It is the place to meet if you want to have some fun. Now don’t misinterpret the use of fun, because my definition of fun and yours may be two completely different things. It is also a place of deep talks and successes that last a lifetime. It is where I am. I may not be the welding or mechanics type but the excitement and hands on learning have always been my thing. Between horticulture and natural resources my interests have been identified and have drawn me back to those classrooms over and over again. If you find yourself looking for me during the school day, don’t look to hard because I can usually be located with one call down to Mr. Sigler’s room.
Moving away from the subject of school I am at home. My house has been my house since I was a baby. My family has never moved. If I am not at a school activity I am most likely at my house in my basement bedroom working on some form of homework. Senior year has given me a new chance to occupy my Friday and for that matter weekend nights at home trying to finish the load of homework that is assigned every night. Some may call me a homebody, which I am, but I would enjoy to get out every once in a while if the homework would permit it.
This new lifestyle has ultimately put me in a good position. That would be the road to college. With months left in my high school career I would say I am nearing the end of my road to college. This road started back when I was in kindergarten with a desire to learn. It can almost be made a physical road. In my mind I think of the prudential life commercials that tell you to follow the green path to guide you to retirement. The only difference is I am looking towards a college degree before the whole retirement thing. Although retirement sounds like a nice idea to me.
Following my green path of life I plan to find myself in Lincoln, Nebraska attending the University of Nebraska next fall. This is a long way from home when you really think about it. Just over an hour from home and in some foreign dorm room with some roommate I will have to wait to find out. College will be a big change in my life, but it will become my new home that I will come to know and love. It just may take some time to come to this realization.
Home is where the heart is. My heart will always be out in the middle of nowhere, three miles north of Phillips surrounded by cornfields. I feel a sense of comfort as I see the red brick house and the windmill towering over the buildings each time I return home after a trip. There is nothing that can replace that sense of comfort. Even as I age and have a place to call my own home, my heart will always know the security that home can bring to an individual. I am here. I am there. I am everywhere.